The Key to Successful Food Manufacturing: High-Quality Flooring

Repeat business is the hallmark of a job well done. 

At ATS, we take pride in client trust and confidence in our services. 

One story of ongoing success involves a food manufacturer who, having undergone significant expansion since 2021, remains a valued customer due to our consistent delivery of exceptional flooring solutions.

Often, people overlook the importance of flooring in the food manufacturing industry.

It shouldn’t be overstated!

A perfect blend of durability, hygiene, and practicality is required to ensure the smooth operation of food production lines. 

It’s not just about having a surface to walk on; it’s about the intricate details that can make or break a production process.

The Project

Our primary focus for this project was constructing precise drain details and providing a well-designed cover perimeter. 

The idea was to make containment and cleaning as effortless and efficient as possible, saving our client time and money in daily operations and maintenance. 

Our team carefully planned and executed every aspect, from drain positioning to the slope of the floor, to allow easy runoff and minimise the potential for standing water – a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

Heavy Duty Polyurethane PU Screed

To meet the exacting standards of the food manufacturing industry, we applied over 400m2 of Heavy Duty Polyurethane PU Screed across both new and old floors. 

This screed is hailed as the gold standard for food and drink production facilities, and with good reason.

What sets Heavy Duty Polyurethane PU Screed apart from the competition?

Its impressive anti-slip qualities make it an ideal choice for areas where spillage is a potential hazard, enhancing worker safety. 

Additionally, it is capable of being cleaned at high temperatures. This enables effective sterilisation, a non-negotiable in food and beverage manufacturing where hygiene standards are paramount. 

Lastly, we designed it to withstand various chemicals, protecting against potential damage from spillages, cleaning agents, or production by-products.

These features collectively ensure that your production process never fails at the flooring stage. 

Peace of mind

Our experts install flooring solutions seamlessly and robustly to become an integral part of your facility, providing the ideal foundation for your operations. 

So you never have to worry about it!

About ATS

ATS is a floor screeding, resin, underfloor heating (UFH) and consulting specialist based in Fife.

We offer an end-to-end client experience with seamless communication, cost-effective pricing, product advice and high-quality work by qualified installation teams.

ATS has over 20 years of experience, and our team has worked on projects across the UK with a wide range of clients, large and small.

We are CHAS Advanced accredited, SMAS Certified and a Gold Member of Constructionline.

Every floor installation project has a fully qualified supervisor with an NVQ certificate and an SSSTS/SMSTS qualification.

ATS is a licensed installer for world-leading brands, including Flowcrete, Vebro, Cemfloor, TLA, Mapei, Weber Saint Gobain, Sherwin Williams, Ardex, Altro, KDR, Uzin and TekFloor, among others.

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ATS were able to advise technically on our project. They liaised with a manufacturer to ensure a compliant specification as we had specific chemical resistance requirements. We will certainly work with ATS again

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ATS have always been reliable and their quality excellent


The team at ATS have always delivered. They are very conscientious and are a trusted supplier




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