AMR / AGV Robot Flooring Specialists

ATS is a specialist in the installation of flooring for robotic operations. Robot Floor is our resin-based, seamless flooring solution that allows AMR and AGV robots to work on timber mezzanine decks and concrete ground floors.

We have over 20 years of experience in delivering large-scale warehouse flooring.

Our Floors

Robot Floor is a unique product that can be laid directly onto timber mezzanine decking and concrete substrates to create a seamless, abrasion-resistant and non-static forming floor. We can provide detailed flooring surveys and produce floors to suit DM1, FM1 and SR1 tolerances.

Our Network

ATS is part of a select network of companies that specialise in the delivery of end-to-end robotic solutions. Working with AMR and AGV distributors, mezzanine, racking and M+E specialists, we have experience delivering successful joint projects of up to £500 million in the UK.

Working closely with some of the most recognised brands in the UK retail and distribution markets, we have formulated a game-changing resin finish that is durable enough to withstand the 24/7 trafficking of AGV/AMR robots but flexible enough to be laid on to mezzanine decking.

Floor Levelling

At ATS, we can install floors to the strictest tolerance level to allow minimal ground clearance. Flat floors allow AGVs to run unimpeded and at full speed.

We use a rapid hardening flow screed system that provides a high-performance, self-smoothing, durable floor finish suitable for the most demanding environments.

This is a fast-track solution; we work around the clock to ensure your operations aren’t interrupted longer than necessary.

Hard Wearing Joint Free Floors

ATS can provide joint-free floors over concrete and timber decks. It reduces imperfections and allows the AGV to run at full speed without risk to the robot or product.

This is the first in the UK to permit the use of timber mezzanine decking systems, where previously AGVs could not operate due to wear and level issues. It allows for multi-level mezzanines, which maximises floor space.

We take the hassle out of implementations as we partner with timber manufacturers and mezzanine providers to offer a complete solution.


Electro Static Dissipative Flooring. Robot Floor can provide solutions to reduce or remove the build-up of static electricity. This may negatively impact the vehicle or the products being distributed.

Over time, AGVs can produce static and build a charge; Robot Floor is conductive, so its earthing constantly allows the charge from the AGVs to pass through the floor.

Our Robot Floor solution has a built-in additive that dissipates static across the surface, so you never build up enough charge to get a shock. Robot Floor is a robust solution that delivers hard-wearing, long-standing floors because it is always earthed.

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