Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Food Safe, Hygienic Solutions for Busy Commercial Kitchens

Specialising in commercial kitchen flooring, ATS offers a selection of options to meet every food safety standard and budget. Our hygienic, heavy-duty polyurethane resin systems are a popular choice for food preparation areas, promising a blend of durability and compliance with rigorous hygiene regulations.

ATS is attuned to the hustle of a busy kitchen and the critical role that flooring plays in it. We provide fast-track flooring solutions designed to minimise disruption and downtime. Our phased work options ensure your kitchen can keep serving while upgrades are underway. With stringent dust and taint control measures and a keen adherence to health and safety standards, we conduct our installations with the care and precision your kitchen demands.

Our flooring installations can enhance your space with essential features like an integral microbiocide, new or updated drainage systems, calculated falls to drainage as needed, and perimeter coving. Choose from an attractive speckled finish in a variety of colours with our hygienic, heavy-duty polyurethane resin system, all compliant with BS 8204-6 standards for a floor that combines style, safety, and statutory compliance.

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