Food and Drink Factory Flooring

Hygenic Flooring for the Food & Drinks Industry

ATS excels in installing floors that are not just food-safe and aesthetically pleasing, but also built to endure the rigorous conditions of food and drink production environments where wet processes are common. Our floors are tailored to your usage requirements, offering steam-cleaning capability, varied colour choices, slip-resistant options, and multiple thicknesses to suit different applications. Trust in our hygienic, heavy-duty polyurethane resin floors to maintain their integrity and cleanliness in any situation.

ATS offers HACCP International certified flooring solutions, ensuring the highest standards of safety for your food and drink factory processing environments. Trust our floors to meet stringent health and safety requirements, providing you with a reliable foundation for quality and cleanliness in your production space.

ATS provides a robust polyurethane, heavy-duty trowel applied flooring system, designed with integral microbiocides, perimeter coving, and gradient falls to drainage to suit the specific needs of your operation. These floors stand strong against abrasion, heat, slip, and chemical exposure and are enhanced with hygienic features, including an additive that eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, ensuring a safe, clean, and enduring surface for any demanding environment.

At ATS, we recognise the critical need to keep your food and drink factory running smoothly with minimal interruptions. That’s why we offer fast-track flooring solutions that cut down on downtime and allow for phased installations, keeping your operations flowing without significant pauses. We manage dust and odour meticulously and adhere strictly to health and safety protocols to ensure a clean, safe, and efficient work environment during all phases of installation.

Our hygienic heavy-duty polyurethane resin floors are hard-wearing systems trusted by many big names including Unilever, 2 Sisters Food Group, Greggs, Ka Pao, W Hotel, Marriott Group and Scottish Sea Farms.

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