Industrial Flooring

Specialist Flooring for Industrial Requirements

As a leading provider of industrial flooring, we deliver robust solutions tailored for the demanding conditions of warehousing, manufacturing, and similar tough environments. You’ll benefit from flooring that withstands the test of time and harsh conditions with chemical, slip, and impact resistance features. Trust in our flooring to not only meet your rigorous standards but to also maintain safety and durability where it matters most.

Specialist requirements can also include high tolerances of flatness and anti-static qualities. The need to withstand forklift trucks and other heavy traffic is also a feature of our industrial flooring options.

Tailor your workspace to perfection with flooring solutions that adapt to your specific needs. Whether it’s enhancing the area around a critical machine or process, or outfitting the entire floor area of a vast, VNA racked warehouse, we customise every detail to your requirements. Plus, with the option to include clear demarcations for walkways, lines, and safety zones, as well as a spectrum of colours to differentiate various operational zones, you can create an environment that’s as functional as it is visually defined.

We know that keeping your business up and running is crucial, and the performance of your floor plays a vital role. Tailored to fit every budget, our flooring solutions come with varied performance lifespans and material guarantees supported by manufacturers. We also recognise that installing new flooring can disrupt your operations, so to minimise this, we offer flexible installation schedules, including out-of-hours and phased work programmes, ensuring your business continues uninterrupted and as smoothly as possible.

ATS’ resources and technical knowledge, coupled with the latest preparation equipment and world-class products allow us to cater for all your industrial flooring requirements, large or small.

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