Rapid Cure Resins

For operations where time is of the essence and minimising downtime is non-negotiable, rapid cure resins like polyaspartics and methyl methacrylates (MMAs) offer an ideal solution. These advanced materials cure quickly, significantly reducing the waiting period before the area can be put back into service. Not only do they harden rapidly to facilitate a speedy return to operation, but they also maintain high performance with enduring durability, chemical resistance, and a seamless finish that meet the demands of the most high-traffic environments.

Navigate tight schedules with ease using our quick-setting resin floors, tailored for retail spaces in need of overnight renovations or industrial areas where operations can’t afford long pauses. With fast cure times, these floors secure your workflow against delays, guaranteeing a swift return to normalcy with minimal downtime. Embrace the efficiency of a solution that lets you proceed with business as usual, ensuring an uninterrupted service and seamless transition during upgrades.

These rapid-cure resin finishes are ideal for industrial flooring and commercial flooring as they are hard-wearing and ready to use within a day of installation.

The fast-track installation time of Rapid Cure Resins does not compromise the longevity of this remarkably tough and durable finish.

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