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ATS specialises in traditional sand and cement screeds and stands as a licensed applicator of Isocrete K Screed, Flowing K, and Isopol SBR. As an accredited installer for leading brands like Mapei, Ardex, Uzin, Weber Saint Gobain, PCT CHEMIE, Vebro, and more, we deliver precision and excellence in every screed application.

Thanks to our EnergyScreed Truck TITAN we are Scotland’s only mobile batching plant for Cemfloor.

ATS offers screeding solutions for every setting—inside and out—with options that boast rapid drying times, allowing for floor finishing within hours. Our range includes polymer-modified screeds, perfect for wet zones and heavy-duty use, ensuring durability and adaptability regardless of the application.

ATS efficiently installs thin section screeds for floor renovations and industrial wear, as well as flowing screeds that allow for swift completion of large areas, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced project progress.

We are comfortable working to all levels of flatness including SR1, 2 and 3 and DM1, 2 and 3.


ATS is your certified partner for applying resin floor systems from top suppliers including Flowcrete, Sherwin Williams, Altro, SIKA, Mapei, Arturo, Vebro Polymers and others.

Our resin solutions are versatile, durable, and visually striking, offering a seamless, hygienic, and slip-resistant finish. Whether you’re looking to protect concrete, screeds, timber, asphalt, or other surfaces, our resin floors are designed to deliver not just aesthetics but also functional benefits, including anti-slip features and specialty properties like anti-static and electrostatic dissipation.

As industry leaders, we excel in safeguarding floors and bunds from chemical damage.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating (UFH) offers you a sleek, invisible radiant heating system with automatic and efficient temperature control. Enjoy consistently comfortable room temperatures and a superior warmth experience compared to conventional heating methods.

ATS is an approved installer of Giacomini, a specialist in high-quality, award-winning underfloor heating (UFH) systems known for their energy efficiency. Our offerings span from traditional in-screed to ultra-low profile systems, designed to fit nearly any floor zone or depth for optimal installation flexibility.

At ATS, you get the complete confidence of a full system warranty and singular responsibility across all aspects of your floorzone—from underfloor heating to insulation, screed, and resin. With our specialised expertise, rest assured that all your flooring needs are thoroughly taken care of for total peace of mind.


ATS collaborates with your team to provide expert product advice, ensuring your project stays on track with its schedule. Our commitment to meeting your timeframes is paired with detailed level surveys, guaranteeing precision in our proposals and transparency in your budget planning. This proactive approach means you can make informed decisions with confidence, all while receiving accurate, no-surprise quotations tailored to your project’s specific needs.

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