Flowcrete Resin Flooring

ATS stands out as one of the UK’s leading flooring contractors, renowned for installing Flowcrete resin flooring products. Our services cater to a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial clients throughout the UK, delivering flooring solutions that combine durability with cutting-edge technology and design.

In addition to offering our exclusive range of resin flooring, ATS trusts and frequently selects Flowcrete’s superior products and technology for many of our installations. With Flowcrete, we provide floors that come with robust guarantees, making it the go-to choice for durable and reliable flooring solutions.

Discover the multifaceted advantages of resin flooring—a resilient and long-lasting choice for industrial and commercial settings. With a seamless finish that makes for effortless cleaning and low upkeep, these floors resist chemicals and endure high-stress conditions with ease. Plus, resin flooring offers extensive design versatility to match your aesthetic and functional needs perfectly.

Experience the robust resilience of resin flooring, perfectly suited to withstand the dynamic environment of commercial and industrial use. Capable of flexing under heavy stress, these floors are built to support the constant movement of forklifts, machinery, and people. Beyond their toughness against water and moisture, resin floors boast solvent-free formulations that offer advanced protection with anti-slip profiles and resistance to chemicals and abrasion. They are also versatile for creating clear safety lines and demarcations to enhance factory floor safety and operations.

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The most popular Flowcrete products we prepare and install are:-

  • Flowcoat SF41 – hard-wearing against heavy vehicle traffic, chemical and abrasion resistant, ideal for warehouses
  • Flowfresh HF – hygienic and easy to clean ideal commercial kitchen floors
  • Flowfresh SL – ideal for dry, packing areas and processing areas
  • Peran STB – decorative but durable resin floor suitable for busy commercial properties
  • F1 Mortar – fast and durable damage repair for holes and imperfections in concrete substrates
  • Flowfast – A fast curing MMA resin system for quartz, flake and car park decking systems.
  • Flowchem – Vinyl Ester resin systems for high/low temperature environments and high chemical resistance

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