Epoxy Resin Floors

ATS excels in the application of diverse epoxy resin flooring materials, offering a comprehensive selection to meet the UK market’s needs. Our expertise spans from cost-effective floor seals to robust 6mm trowel-applied systems, providing a spectrum of epoxy resin flooring finishes designed to match the requirements of every project.

Our capabilities extend beyond basic epoxy resin applications to encompass self-leveling options and multi-layered solutions, seamlessly integrating quartz, stone, or flake aggregates within the epoxy resin.

To ensure a non-porous finish, we complete these epoxy floors with seal coats, delivering a surface that combines durability and aesthetics with expert precision.

Rest assured, ATS employs industry-leading brands to guarantee the highest product quality, regardless of your specific needs.

Reach out to us today to explore the perfect epoxy resin floor solution tailored to your environment, ensuring the utmost in performance and longevity.

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