Polished Concrete

Polished concrete stands as an eco-conscious industrial flooring choice, as it maximises sustainability by utilising the materials already existing in your space.

Elevate your concrete floors from dull gray to brilliant, environmentally-friendly surfaces that are both stunning and easy to maintain. Our polished concrete solution not only boasts exceptional durability but also offers a low lifecycle cost, making it the preferred choice for many of our industrial clients seeking both aesthetics and sustainability.

ATS boasts an extensive fleet of floor preparation machines equipped with vacuum extraction capabilities. Utilising HTC’s cutting-edge machinery and diamond tools, we expertly grind and polish concrete floors, removing the surface paste to reveal the stronger, resilient concrete beneath, achieving superior results.

The result of this process is a stronger, more durable beautiful polished concrete floor.

Furthermore, your bottom line reaps the rewards, as this flooring demands minimal maintenance and boasts a longer lifespan compared to alternative flooring options, ensuring cost-efficiency over time.

Our fleet is supported by 3-phase vacuum extraction fitted with Hepa filtration making it the lowest dust preparation possible.

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If you have a pre-existing concrete floor that you would like sealed or polished please take a look at our Real Polished Concrete options:

Real Polished Concrete available in a range of finishes with colour, gloss and aggregate blend options available.