Expert Underfloor Heating Design & Installation

ATS Screeding is your partner for professional underfloor heating design and installation in Scotland.

ATS offers two services that stand alone yet seamlessly integrate to create a comprehensive Underfloor Heating (UFH) solution.

Whether you need a superior design or an efficient installation, ATS is your trusted partner in achieving a comfortable, cost-effective Underfloor Heating.

With years of experience, we are your ultimate partner for creating energy-efficient spaces.


Discover Why ATS Excels in Underfloor Heating Design.

In-House Expertise: We oversee every step, from specification to on-site installation and commissioning.

Expert Design and Implementation: After meticulous design, our team takes charge of every part of the installation, ensuring a flawless transition from concept to reality.

Giacomini partnership: ATS collaborates with Giacomini, a renowned name synonymous with quality and innovation. This partnership enables us to deliver state-of-the-art, dependable UFH systems.

Quality: We accompany each ATS UFH design and installation with a comprehensive warranty, showcasing our unwavering belief in the durability and quality of our work.


Choose ATS for your Underfloor Heating Installation and get the following:

Expertise: We understand your UFH’s nuances and commercial spaces’ unique requirements.

Discuss your UFH project with us:

    Discuss your UFH project with us:

      Giacomini Partnership: Through our partnership with Giacomini, we integrate cutting-edge technology into your installation.

      Efficiency: Energy-efficient heat distribution takes precedence in our installations, reducing consumption and cost savings.

      Tailored Installations: We tailor our installations to match your layout, space, and heating needs.

      Warranty: You get a comprehensive warranty with each installation, ensuring your heating system’s enduring performance and longevity.

      We offer more than just UFH services; we deliver results that keep your building warm while lowering energy costs.

      With a holistic approach, we guarantee a fusion of design and installation, providing you with the ideal indoor environment.

      Transform your space with ATS UFH. Whether you’re embarking on a new project or upgrading an existing one, our expert team is ready to help.

      Contact us today to get started.